{Christmas} Day 18: Acts of Kindness

December 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Did you know that everyone young & old, makes a difference in their lifetime?  Yesterday, we were touched by two lives, a mother & a son’s.

My little one’s favorite thing to do this Christmas season is to visit the local Hallmark store & admire each & every ornament.  So as expected, while out & about shopping we paid our visit to Hallmark.  Wide-eyed, E ran straight for the ornaments & began pushing buttons, pulling strings & even finding joy in the more simplistic ones.

A woman stood next to us, peering around in search of ornaments.  We exchanged light hearted words & both smiled as E carefully inspected each one.  E was particularly drawn towards a tiny little Rudolph ornament.  He kept showing us how if you pulled the string, the legs would magically move back & forth.  As we stood there looking at the display, the woman selected two of the Rudolph ornaments & headed straight for the cash wrap.  I remember at that very moment standing there smiling & thinking about how much joy the little ones receiving those ornaments would experience.

Photograph by Modern Cupcake

Soon after, we left the store & stopped for a restroom break.  While E & I were gone, the woman walked up to my husband & quickly handed a Rudolph ornament box to him.  She dashed off before he could even say thank you. Tucked in the box was a card.  It read…

This Random Act of Kindess… Done in Loving Memory of our Beautiful Child Braden Friewald.

10/4/04 – 3/23/08


When E & I returned, my husband handed me the box. Tears filled my eyes as I read the card.  I picked up E & squeezed him extra tight & covered him in kisses. I was completely overwhelmed by her gesture.  As a mother, my heart wept for the woman & the loss of her child.   And at the same time, my heart was warmed by the idea that Braden’s little life continues to touch others.  And that his mother shines Braden’s light by random acts of kindness.

So this Christmas season, let us be mindful of the following.  Express your love to those you hold near & dear.  Be kind to those around you, because you never know what their life involves.  Carry out random acts of kindness.  Make a difference!  Thank you Braden & Billie for these powerful reminders!

With love,



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§ 3 Responses to {Christmas} Day 18: Acts of Kindness

  • Jill,
    I just read this. I am so very touched by your comments. I have been doing these random acts for some time now. I also have a train at Mercy Gilbert Hospital as well as take toys to hospitals. No one has ever written such nice words about our son as you did. YOU touched my hearts that Christmas night and again tonight. My husband and I are sincerely honored that you “get” our son, Braden and what we do in his memory. Thank you for honoring him in your beautiful writing and thoughts.

    For both our boys,

  • Mary says:

    What a great random act of kindness; and thank you SO much for bringing awareness to what so many of us “MISSing moms” do in memory of the children we will never “grow up”. It’s always nice when we hear such positive feedback and that the people we reach out to really “get” what we do, and more importantly, WHY we do it.
    Thanks to you, and thanks to Billie for such a great idea! MISSing Braden, and all our children gone too soon.

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