{Travel} Glamping

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Glamping, a term used to describe a glamorous camping experience.  My version of {glamping} is tucked away in a mountainous & heavily wooded landscape.   I know, I know…call me crazy, but this type of ideal getaway involves this ultra modern dwelling.  As a designer, I appreciate many different styles of architecture & interior design. This would be my one opportunity to get my ultra modern fix.

Rocio Romero

Rocio Romero is a household name for me.  I’ve had my eye on this architect for several years now.  She so brilliantly developed her own style of prefab housing. These kits are a more cost effective way of creating your own custom home in addition, it’s much kinder to the environment!

Rocio Romero {Entrance & Side View}

I love the clean lines of this home & the flexibility you have with the LV Series floor plans.  Rocio Romero now offers an option to stack the standardized LV kits. I also love the way the large panels of glass not only allow natural light to enter into the space but visually frame the outdoors as your own artwork.

Rocio Romero

What’s to come?  If you are {Glamping} with me, I’ve got an out of the ordinary & extraordinary breakfast dish on the menu.  It’s so simple, but oh so good!   Also, these interiors are a bit more stark for my taste. See how I decorate my ideal {Glamping} space…stay tuned!

Rocio Romero {Rear}

Rocio Romero – LV Series {Stacked}

Happy Glamping!




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